Spring, Flower facts


It may be cold but spring has definitely arrived here! The shop is full of baskets and planters bursting with hyacinths, daffodils and muscari.... and the smell is incredible! 


Commonly called Hyacinths, these are bulbous flowering plants from a small genus of Hyacinthus. The origins of this name comes from a Greek mythological figure 'Hyakinthos'. It is said that Hyakinthos and Apollo were taking turns throwing a discus. To impress Apollo, he ran to catch it but was struck by the discus as it fell to the ground and died.  Apollo did not allow Hades (God of the Dead and Riches) to claim the youth, instead he made a flower, a hyacinth, from the spilled blood. 

Caring for your hyacinth plant

To get the most enjoyment from your hyacinth plants in the home, place them in the coolest location possible. To ensure the soil stays compact and supportive, do not give it much water. For outside planting they are happy in the shade or sun, just make sure the roots don't dry out. Plant food is not necessary as they contain all the nutrition they need in the bulb. 

We have bouquets of blue or white hyacinths available on the webshop.