Colour of 2018 is.... Ultra Violet

For those not as obsessed with these things as me, every year Pantone announce a colour that they predict will be THE colour of the year, last year was all about green, this year it's Ultraviolet. 

Pantone_Snipped_2017_0 (1).jpg

Now, here at the Flower Boutique, I like to think we are a bit ahead of the game, so as soon as I saw the colour, my mind flew back to the Summer (very welcome now it's a balmy 8 degrees in the shop!) and to Rachel and James's wedding, which was all about the colour purple. 

I mixed Scabious, Stocks, Lisianthus and Blueberry Roses, with Calla's and lots of foliage for a loose and garden style feel, and finished the bouquets off with lots of trailing tonal ribbon. 

They also had a Chuppa, which was built by Rachel's Dad, and proved to be a lovely focal point not only for the ceremony, but for the dancing in the evening.        

It was so much fun to do this wedding, and I am looking forward to many more next year. 

Congratulations Rachel and James!