Phlebodium aureum 'Blue Star'

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A beautiful silvery Blue Star Fern is a great addition to your home. This is a low maintenance plant that will keep producing more and more leaves when it’s happy.

We’ve paired it with this stunning, textured ceramic pot.

Plant details:

Plant pot size:17cm

Position: bright, indirect light

Soil: good potting compost

Rate of growth: average

Hardiness: tender (indoors only)

Home care: Keep the compost moist (but not waterlogged) at all times, but this can be cut back a little in winter. If you can't place it in a humid atmosphere like your bathroom you can still grow this plant, just mist the leaves regularly with water and or place the pot on a tray of damp pebbles.

Ceramic pot details: 21cm x 17cm‘

With Pot?:
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