Funeral flowers:


Choosing your arrangement:

We will try and make the ordering of your funeral tribute as easy as possible, we’re aware you probably have a lot going on at the moment. The flowers we use will be fresh and the same quality as all our bouquets.

We can provide arrangements in classic shapes such as wreaths, single or double ended sprays or posies. With a starting price of £40, the colours and flowers can all be chosen.

For a more personalised option, we are skilled at creating different shapes. For someone who loved fishing, we created an arrangement in the shape of a fish. For a lady who loved her dog, we created both a flat portrait and a 3D version of their German Shepherd sitting. For a gentleman who loved music, we replicated his keyboard.

We would love to talk to you in person about your requirements. Please call us on 01494 762760 or visit us in the shop.

Or, if you would rather, we can liaise with you via email on